Wedding Budget

IMG_8890When a bride and groom finally decides to hire our team, the number one subject we put on the table is BUDGET.  How much are the bride and groom planning to spend on this special day.  There are no real set budget, but if a planner knows what you are comfortable with, they can easily recommend vendor(s) which will suit your design as well as your budget.

So what is an average wedding costing in California?  The average wedding back in 2011 was about $165 per person.  This means if you have 100 guest, you are expected to spend on average $16,500. The pricing is subjective and depends on how extravagant you plan on having your special day.  Now in 2013, I’ve found the average bride is spending easily $210 per person.  This will include Venue, Food, Beverages, Photographer, Videographer, Entertainment, apparel and party favors.  Again this is only an AVERAGE.

So how does my brides and groom do when it comes to budget?  They hit pretty close.  My rule of thumb is, spend what you’re comfortable spending.  If you tell me you have $40,000 budget and have 500 guests, we may need to try to trim where we can.  1st, find your overall budget number, then hunt for your venue and caterer.  This is usually the biggest part of your budget.  The left over will then be divided into the rest of the categories by importance.  If photography is important to you but the MC/DJ isn’t, then we need to make sure we find the proper fit for your budget.

Budgeting is important and your planner can always suggest a design which will help you with the overall goal as well as hit your budget.  Ask lots of questions, try to find alternatives, don’t be afraid with DIY projects.  It’s your day but always try to keep in mind….will you look back and regret your spending?  Will you still be paying for your wedding even after your first-born is in kindergarten?


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