Summer Lovin’


 The summer heat waves are in full affect and what will do you if you have an outdoor ceremony in the middle of the summer?  Here are some tips for all my clients.

  • Try to find a ceremony spot with lots of trees or shading
  • Make sure to have a water station available for your guests
  • If you can have the ceremony later in the day, schedule it for when the sun is about to set.
  • If you have to have an early ceremony, make sure the venue has umbrellas for rent or provide parasols for your guests.  Remember to reserve parasols for the elderly.
  • I know this might be hard, but try to have your bridal party refrain from drinking too much alcohol before the ceremony.  Last thing we need is a member of the bridal party passing out due to the heat and dehydration.
  • Wear deodorant, this will help with sweating and of course the body odor.
  • Tell your groomsmen not to wear their coat until they line up for the ceremony.  This way they are not roasting any longer than they need to in the suit and tie.
  • Make sure all bridal party are hydrated.
  • Have the bridal party touch up with powder; we don’t want photos of sweaty NBA lookalikes.

Make sure when you pick a ceremony spot, you will know where the sun will be hitting you.  You don’t want photos of you squinting or making awkward faces due to the sun.  If you can’t help but stand in the sun, see if you can put up a chuppah, archway or gazebo.







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