What’s Entertaining, fun and used as a momento at the end?

The Jannys

In the last few years Photobooths have been the great big craze!  Not only are they fun and entertaining, they serve as souvenirs as well.  The couple as well as their guests can don on goofy get ups or if you’re into glamor shots, put on some lip gloss and strike a pose.  No matter what you do, you can’t deny that photobooths are fun and the photos become great conversational pieces afterwards.  So let down your hair, grab a cowboy hat and let’s party rock! 

The photobooth photo above are from Jenny and Danny’s wedding this past weekend and our staff had so much fun goofing around with them after our work was done!  Photobooth services was provided by TVS Photobooth.  Click on the photo above to be taken directly to their site!  Mention K&S Events when you call!

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