Lighting {Bright Ideas}

 After consulting with many brides and planning many weddings, what have I learned?  No two brides are the same and more importantly no two brides approach their day the same.  I have brides saying “ I want shabby chic”, ” I would like a rustic wedding”, “I want modern gala”, “I want simple elegance”, etc.  But what I’ve  learned through the years, trends change and then they come back years later as “Vintage Chic.”  If you subscribe to wedding magazines you all know what I’m talking about.  With so many trends its no wonder why brides constantly change their minds or add additional decor to their day.  What do I normally recommend to all my brides lately?  LIGHTING.  Yes Ladies and Gents.  Lighting can help set the mood of your day and with LED lights, you can definitely incorporate your wedding theme colors.   For a more personal touch you can add a GOBO design to your dance floor or walls.  The design options are endless.

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