Documenting your Wedding Day

I have plenty of brides and grooms asking me if they should hire a videographer to document their wedding day.  In my opinion, if you can fit it in your budget….YES.

What I hear all the time is “The day went by so fast…”  There might be things you didn’t see, remember or recall.  Having someone document your wedding in a motion picture from a 3rd party point of view may help you relive the moments or see it through your guests point of view.

What should you look for in a videographer?  Here are some of our tips:

  1. Discuss a budget you are comfortable with.  An average videographer shooting for 10 hours will charge anywhere from $2,500 – $8,000.
  2. What do you need?  Is it a full documentary or just wedding highlights?  Do you want a same day edit?  Remember, anything you want will impact your price package.
  3. When looking online, make sure to visit their blog and view at least 5 recent videos. This helps you decide if their style fits your style and needs.
  4. Meet your videographer and ask them who will be shooting your wedding on the wedding day.  Make sure you request to meet the videographer and have them name the videographer onto your contract; this helps guarantee you will have the videographer you had interviewed.  You want to feel comfortable and if you have a videographer you have never met, you might feel uncomfortable and it will show through your body language.
  5. Make sure to discuss the MUST SHOOT/CAPTURE events with your videographer. If there are certain shots or traditions you want incorporated into your video, make sure you make it very clear to your videographer.  The day goes by pretty quick and you want your videographer to be ready when the it happens.

We would like to share an awesome video from one of our preferred vendors Nathan Prince from Prince Production.  Please feel free to visit his website at :

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