Congrats to Daphne+Ray


DSC_0863Congratulations to the beautiful couple Daphne and Ray.

A lot of my brides and grooms are electing to choose someone they know personally to conduct their ceremony.  Since the internet makes it easy for someone to be ordained to conduct a ceremony…..heck why not?

Wouldn’t you like your guests to be comfortable, relaxed and of course really feel the emotion in the room that day?  Who else is better to move a crowd than someone who knows you personally?  Especially when they share stories of your high school bad hair cut, questionable dates, to finally refining yourself when you found your other half?  I’ve been to a few ceremonies when the ceremony is a semi comedy roast before the gushy stuff starts.  The officiant makes us laugh and move us to tears with the personal stories they share.

If you’re pondering if you SHOULD get a friend or family to officate….just ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this person up to speaking in public?
  2. Can I handle them roasting me on my wedding day?
  3. Will I regret my decision?
  4. What’s the worst that can happen?

Remember, there’s no right and wrong in officating a wedding.  Most people follow a template which you can find online or be bold and write your own scripts.  If you’re officating and there’s something you’re not sure you should say…’s best you don’t.  Other than that, have fun, enjoy and share the stories of their happily ever after.

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