Behind the scenes

You’ve heard it all before….there are hiccups, nightmare stories and bloopers of the wedding that most guests aren’t aware of and that’s just how we like it!  We’ve seen it all, from a fallen curl on the bride’s updo to a ripped trained to a missing groom (yes I said missing groom).  The best thing to do?  If you do not have a wedding coordinator, make sure you have someone you appoint who is level headed and make sure to have a BRIDAL EMERGENCY kit handy.  Remember it is a special day and if things go wrong, keep in mind what the day is all about…LOVE.  Stay focus, years from now you will revisit your wedding day and laugh at the moments leading up to your “I Dos.” 

Here are some photos of us behind the scenes with our brides helping them with Hair, Makeup, and misbehaving bustles. 

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